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 Telecode  Computers 


"I established Telecode in 1971 in order to create a professional and high-quality company for the provision of technical services and maintenance services in the field of personal computers that was then in its infancy, in the sense of A prophecy that fulfills.

I am pleased and satisfied to look and see that even now, many years after my retirement, Telecode has continued with determination in the way I have outlined and it keeps achieving very impressive achievements and realization of my vision. "

(Eng. Theodor Socolovsky, Establisher)


Telecode Computers is one of the oldest and most experienced companies in Israel in the computer industry.

For over 50 years, Telecode Computers has been the flagship company of thousands of educational institutions and community centers, government offices and local authorities throughout the country. 

The company's services focus on providing comprehensive computing and integration solutions adapted to the modern computing environment, from the planning stage to the integration of the systems in the current operations. For this purpose, the company also provides and supplies computer systems of all types and needs, providing solutions for screening and setting up smart conference rooms, designing and setting up communication and electricity infrastructures, providing backup and storage services and providing technical support services for maintenance and operation at any given time. 

Telecode represents in Israel EPSON, the projectors worldwide leading company. 


Telecode Computers operates a National Service Center that includes a central spare parts warehouse, leading repair labs, a remote support service center and a nationwide distribution network that supports regional service systems operating throughout the country.

Telecode employs more than 200 highly experienced employees, including regional service technicians, communications infrastructure technicians, network technicians, logistics personnel and service representatives. 

The company provides maintenance services for more than 250,000 items of equipment at more than 3,500 sites for institutional and business customers of various sizes nationwide and educational institutions in a wide spread community centers throughout the country, including in Judea and Samaria, the Arab and Bedouin sectors, the Arava And Eilat.


Telecode Computers is the supplier of computer equipment and the main support and maintenance services provider for government ministries and institutions including the Courts System, the offices of the Enforcement and Collection Authority, the Bank of Israel, the Ministry of Education and the Educational System, the Ministry of Economy, the hospital system and other government institutions. Professionals with proven knowledge and experience, volume and array of technicians , deployment of  branches,  equipment and advanced systems, all suited to institutional customers with large scale computer and projection equipment, enable us to be the most professional and advanced company in the field of institutional computing In Israel.

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